NOTD: Fimo flowers


Some time ago, I finally tidied up my nail art supplies basket. When doing a nail art, I usually prefer to paint something onto my nails using either nail polish or acrylic paint.However, when I do a ‘regular’ mani (basically a NOTD 😉 ), I prefer to use nail art items instead. But with how everything was lying all over the place, I barely knew what stuff I still had.

Now that everything is organized, I encountered many fun items that I had almost forgotten. And one of such items was a set of fimo canes. Those tiny sticks where you’re supposed to slice off a bit. And that sliced off part then looks like a flower, heart, cupcake, or something else. They exist with many different shapes, and I happen to have two that look like flowers. Right now, with the beautiful weather, it seemed like the perfect time to use them again!



For the base colour, I used two different nail polishes this time. I started out with Let’s Get Lost by Essence (the new The Gel Nail Polish version). Also known as my favourite nail polish, for those who have been reading my blog for a while 😉 Seeing as it covers great in a single layer, as shown on the above photo, I decided to use a shimmery nail polish for the second layer.

Whenever I’m looking for an easy shimmer nail polish, I almost always end up using Crystal Beading by Sally Hansen. That one shows the colour underneath it, which makes it a perfect add on for almost any colour of nail polish.


I cut the fimo slices beforehand, 5 red flowers and 5 pink ones. And I used top coat to glue them onto my nails, putting them on there as flat as possible. One downside of fimo, is that it is quite hard to cut them really thin. So usually, the figures don’t lay on the nails completely flat. Still, they stay on my nails for a few days without a problem. And I think it gives a really fun look!

To help the flowers stay on until I’ll do another mani in a few days, I also applied a thick layer of top coat onto each nail 😉






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