Nail art: Painted lace (video)


A little while ago, I bought some new bras, and one of those is a shiny nude colour with black lace over it. Which inspired me to do this nail art!

It’s very easy to do, but if you really want a perfect lace look then it’s even easier to just put a piece of lace onto the nail with some top coat. However, I don’t have any loose pieces of lace lying around, so I used a dotting tool and black nail polish instead 🙂


The first nail polish that I used for this look is one that I actually barely ever use. It is a pretty nail polish, Oyster Pink by Rimmel, and I also don’t have any complaints about its quality. It’s just that it is the type of nail polish that my mother wears (and she barely wears any nail polish at all).

However, I do like to occasionally use a nail polish that I don’t use nearly often enough, so that’s why I chose to use this one.



For the lace, I used a black nail polish from a Playboy nail polish  collection (which was called Velvet Party collection) and a dotting tool. It’s easiest to keep a sample close, like a photo of lace, and to use a very thin dotting tool. To finish off this nail art, I used a matte topcoat (by Miss Sporty) instead of a regular one.




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