NOTD: Summer is in the air!

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I couldn’t resist to purchase some more nail polishes… Amongst those was the pastel yellow nail polish that I’d like to show you today!

Its name is ‘Love Is In The Air’, and with such a cute name you might have already guessed it’s an Essence nail polish 😉 The colour, however, is just as pretty as the name. It’s a beautiful pastel yellow, perfect for spring and summer! It reminds me of flowers and sunshine, which is always a good thing.



My hands aren’t very sun-tanned yet, but this nail polish instantly makes them look a lot more tan! It’s such a fresh and pretty colour that I didn’t want to cover it too much. So all I did next was to apply a bunch of rhinestones on my ring finger nail (these ones are from Born Pretty Store, you can find a coupon code for that website at the top right of this page!).


Love Is In The Air covers perfectly in two layers and dries quickly. Its finish is nice and shiny, but I did also apply a top coat to give my nails some more protection.

I really love this colour, it’s been quite some time since I encountered a nail polish that I instantly liked this much! What are your thoughts about it?


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