NOTD: Cute colourful glitter (and pink accent)


Another bright and colourful NOTD today! A little while back, I finally used one of my only two Yes Love nail polishes in quite some time (I should really buy some more). And now I wanted to use the other one.


This is G11-5. Not a cute name, sadly, the nail polishes only have a code. Which, of course, doesn’t lessen the looks of the polish itself. It has a white base, which is tinted slightly pink. And it contains a lot of multiple sized glitters, in many different colours!

I think it looks so very fun, and this nail polish is also a glow-in-the-dark one!


On the accent nail, I wanted something different. Having 5 nails with the same look just isn’t my thing. So I applied Free Hugs by Essence to that nail (2 layers, just as with G11-5). And also a nail sticker, which was part of a set I’ve had laying around for years.



I finished off this NOTD with some top coat, so that it’ll hopefully last for a few days!



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