Nail art/review: Flower 3D nail art decorations! (from Born Pretty Store)


Nail art items in 3D always give such a special effect! It’s more noticeable than stickers, just because they’re actually 3D. And they can be used on natural nails as well as false ones, although they’re usually marketed more towards false nails. Anyhow, because of that, I really wanted to try out these 3D flowers from Born Pretty Store 🙂


Pastel colours seemed like a good background for the flowers, because those are white with another colour. So I started out by applying one coat of Love Is In The Air by Essence. Then I put a few drops of nail polish on each nail (Love Is In The Air by Essence, Green With Envy by Sally Hansen and Island Coral by Sinful Colors), and mixed those slightly using a sponge.

It works best to do this per nail, otherwise the drops might end up drying before they’ve been mixed 😉



The 3D flowers come in a jar, which I think is a handy way to package them. They’re soft and fold-able. To apply them to my nails, I first applied some top coat and then carefully pressed a flower onto the nail using a dotting tool. Because of how they can fold, the whole bottom of the flower ends up touching the nail. So they’re really well-stuck on there! To give the manicure some more protection, I then added another layer of top coat.

I think the flowers look very pretty, and the fact that they’re in 3D makes for a special look! Also, I like how there are different colours of them. For this manicure, I used multiple colours. But it’d also look beautiful to do a manicure with only one colour. Other than only flowers, the jar also contains a few bow ties, which look very cute!

If you also want to try these flowers, they can be found here at Born Pretty Store. And by using the coupon code FT10K31 you can get 10% off at an order there! Also, Born Pretty Store now has an app, which is very handy!



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