NOTD: Darkened roses (A-England ombre)

DSCN3646(NOTE: This post was actually written today, but for the next three weeks I’ll still be posting NOTDs that I’ve done at an earlier time. From now on, only nail art tutorials will be scheduled beforehand 🙂 )

I really need to purchase some more A-England nail polishes! I’ve been saying that for weeks… Okay, years. But now I’m really going to! After next week, to be precise, because I’ll be on vacation next week and I’m not sure if they’ll fit through the mailbox (here in the Netherlands, they can only be ordered at


DSCN3658Either way, I tidied up my nail polish stash and came to the conclusion that I should really try to use more different nail polishes. So today, I did an ombre look using two A-England nail polishes.

Seriously, is it even possible to make A-England nail polish look ugly in a photograph? I don’t think it is, they’re so absolutely beautiful that they can only look good! The base on this look is Briar Rose, and I sponged an ombre effect on the tips using Briarwood. And then finished it off with some top coat.


DSCN3652The combination of these two makes it look as if the tips are slightly darkened, like wilting roses. The holographic glitter makes the ombre effect look flawless, even though it probably isn’t 😉

I absolutely love this look, and I love A-England nail polishes! So far, I only have Briar Rose, Briarwood, Ophelia and Avalon. So next week, I think I’ll purchase Dragon (as I’ve been wanting that one since years back), and probably some other lighter colours. Which, of course, you’ll definitely get to see in NOTDs and nail arts 🙂


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