Nail art: Fruits! (video)


A healthy nail art this week, featuring fruit!

Or in other words; I didn’t have any inspiration and happened to walk past the rack in the hallway where we keep the fruit 😉 So that’s how this came to be. I do think it’s very suitable for springtime, though, I usually eat even more fruit during this time of the year than in winter!


I instantly knew what nail polish I wanted to use as a base colour; Let’s Meet by Sinful Colors! It reminds me of lemonade, so that’s why I think it suits the theme well 😉

Let’s Meet is rather sheer, and doesn’t cover completely until the third or fourth layer. However, I really like the jelly finish it has in two layers, so I kept it at that. The warm yellow shimmers turn it into a bright and sunny look!



Originally, I was planning on painting the fruits using acrylic paint, but that turned out to have dried out… Oops 😛 So instead, I used nail polishes.

First, I painted on the fruits using White Tip by Sally Hansen. Then I coloured them in using Lexington Yellow, High Line Green and Park Ave by NYX, and Flashy Pumpkin by Essence.


To finish it off, I added a layer of Sally Hansen’s Green Rocket onto the two fruit-less nails, and then put some top coat on all the nails. And that was this week’s nail art!




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