NOTD: Essence Jelly nail polish ‘Bubble Gum’


I couldn’t pass by another sale at Kruidvat without buying two new Essence nail polishes (I didn’t have those two colours yet, and I only had one other nail polish from the Gel Nails collection!). One of those nail polishes is this beautiful pink Jelly one, which I immediately had a bunch of ideas with. So today, I’d like to show you ‘Bubble Gum’ 🙂



The nail polish is, as a jelly finish is supposed to be, sheer and very shiny. Moreover, this one has very tiny shimmers in it, which creates even more of a shine! Still, the pretty pink colour of Bubble Gum is visible on the nails.


What I like about jelly nail polishes, is that they can be used to create depth between stickers or loose glitters. First, apply a layer of nail polish (that can also be a normal opaque one), then apply some glitters or anything alike. Then apply one or two layers of the jelly nail polish, followed by some more glitters. Those steps can be repeated, or followed up by top coat or a last layer of jelly nail polish.

Multiple jelly layers between the glitters makes for more effect, of course. But I wanted to try out how much of an effect this particular nail polish can manage, so I only put one single layer of it between the glitters. And instead of top coat, I chose to finish it off with a final layer of Bubble Gum (I really like the name!).


The effect of depth isn’t very obvious, but it is there! A next time, however, I would apply two layers of jelly between the glitters. Also, I think the colour of the nail polish is absolutely gorgeous. Very shiny with a subtle shimmer, and in such a soft yet clear pink colour. Perfect for spring and summer!


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  1. lovecomestothosewhobelieveit says:

    Wat schattig met die sterretjes

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