Nail art/review: Studs and pearls (using Born Pretty Store nail art decorations!)


Time for the next review! This week, I’ll show you some awesome studs, rhinestones and more, which all came in a nail art wheel by Born Pretty Store!

You can find this nail art wheel here 🙂


I’ve started out by giving some nails a full coat of colour, and doing a French tip on others. Because there’s so much possibilities with the items in the nail art wheel, I wanted to do some different designs. So it’s only suitable that the base looks different as well.

The clear nail polish I used is Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch by Essence, the purple glittery one is Pink Holographic by HEMA.



I really like the diversity in the nail art decorations that this wheel contains! There’s so many possibilities for cool nail art designs! Pearls, rhinestones, caviare beads and studs in multiple colours.

For this manicure, I kept it at 5 quite easy designs, to feature multiple different items. As you can see, all the items fit perfectly on the nail. Even the studs lay nice and flat on the nail. Nice!


This nail art decoration wheel is one I’ll definitely enjoy using some more! I will probably do accent nails with them, though, because it’ll last longer that way. But I do really like it for full nail designs as well!

If you want to try these nail art decorations, you can find the wheel here. And by using the code FT10K31, you can get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store! Also, they now have their own app, which is really handy!


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