NOTD: Sunshine and water


Usually, I make sure to use different nail polishes each time. But this time, I couldn’t resist to do another NOTD using a nail polish that I also used for last week’s NOTD; ‘Love Is In The Air’ by Essence!



It’s such a nice and sunny colour, I really wanted to combine it with a really bright colour. So I also grabbed my favourite nail polish, which of course is Let’s Get Lost by Essence.

First, I applied two layers of Love Is In The Air, and allowed that to dry for some time. Then, I put some drops of Love Is In The Air and Let’s Get Lost onto my nails, before mixing them together slightly with a sponge.

Then all I had to do was to apply some topcoat, and that was this week’s NOTD!



I really love how these two colours combine, and I think Love Is In The Air will definitely be one of my favourite nail polishes. Although it will always be second, behind Let’s Get Lost 😉 In any case, the final look reminds me of sun and water, two things that are perfectly suitable for summer!


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