Nail art: David Bowie themed nails



Nail polish:

-Essence – Studio Nails hardening nail base
-Essence – Electriiiiiic
-Essence – Redvolution
-Essence – Let’s Get Lost
-Claire’s – Denim
-Playboy – Anastasia
-Essence – Go Bold
-Playboy – Leila
-China Glaze – Fairy Dust
-Essence & Catrice top coat (mixed, because both bottles were half empty)


-Striper brush
-Flat brush (for cleaning)
-HEMA nail polish remover



1. Apply a base coat to protect the nails.
2. Apply two layers of Electriiiiiic (Essence). Which, by the way, is a beautiful colour! Very shiny also.
3. The first nail is supposed to represent the lightning bolt that David Bowie had on his face as Aladin Sane. First, paint the lightning bolt using a red nail polish (I used Redvolution by Essence, but I would recommend using a more opaque one). Then add the blue lines using Let’s Get Lost (Essence)
4. The second nail is based on Ziggy Stardust. First, make a circle using Leila (Playboy) and then add the border using Go Bold (Essence)
5. The third nail is based on Halloween Jack. First, paint the eye patch using Anastasia (Playboy), then add a part of the scarf and suspenders using a Denim nail polish by Claire’s and Redvolution (Essence).
6. Another well known thing about David Bowie are his eyes. I tried to paint those on my thumb nail, using Leila (Playboy) first and then tracing over the lines using Anastasia (Playboy).
7. The last nail got a layer of Fairy Dust (China Glaze), because it’s sort of too small to paint something on.
8. Apply a top coat, and the nail art is finished!



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