Nail art/review: Glitter rhinestones! (using Born Pretty Store nail art decoration!)


This Tuesday (and also the following few Tuesdays) I have a review for you! I got some more awesome nail art items from Born Pretty Store to review, and today I’ll show you the first one!

These are glitter rhinestones. Rhinestones, but clear and with glitter in them. I happen to love glitter (I watched Labyrinth once, and since then I love glitter even more), so I immediately wanted to try these 🙂


I started out with a base of Break Through by Essence and Grape Fizz by Revlon (which smells like grapes. Sort of.). Simply because I love purple as much as I love glitter 😉 And also because these rhinestones actually stand out well against every colour I held them up to, so I could pick any background colour I wanted.


The rhinestones themselves look very special. They’re really shaped like rhinestones, but instead of looking like little diamonds, they contain glitter. And there’s six different colours of them, enough choice!

I chose to use different colours, because I wanted to try them all, but I can think of many nail art designs using only one colour. They stick to the nails really well when glued on with top coat, as expected from rhinestones, which makes them very easy to use. I also applied top coat over them, after which they still look as pretty as they did before.


What else can I say? I really love glitter, I’d never before seen rhinestones like these, and they’re amazing! I’m really going to enjoy using them some more!

If you’d like to try these glitter rhinestones (which can be found here) as well, or other Born Pretty Store items, you can get 10% off by using the coupon code FT10K31 🙂


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