Nail art review Fancy rhinestones (from Born Pretty Store)


Another review today! This time I tried these beautiful fancy rhinestones, which I received from Born Pretty Store 🙂


The base of this manicure consists of two layers of a soft peach nail polish by Essence, which is named ‘I’m So Fluffy’. Apart from an adorable name, it also has a really nice matte finish.

On the tips of the nails, I applied some regular shiny nail polish. That both creates a nice matte-to-shiny look, and also strengthens the tips of the nails.


These rhinestones caught my attention due to how fancy they look (which is why I call them fancy rhinestones 😉 ). Instead of being plain rhinestones, these have a gold setting around them. Like the ones that are in some types of bracelets. Beautiful!

I really love how they look, but unfortunately they’re too big to last for very long on the nails. So I would recommend them for parties, chic dinners, romantic dates and any other fun occasion which you might want your nails to look their best for 🙂


All in all, I think these rhinestones look very fancy and beautiful, and are perfect for special occasions! If you want to try these rhinestones as well, they can be found here. Also, when using the code FT10K31 you can get 10% off at any order at Born Pretty Store!


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