Nail art/review: Beach drops (using Born Pretty Store shell decorations!)


Bright colours are always great for summer (or any time, really). So I’ve had a lot of fun thinking up a manicure to show you these fluorescent shell decorations that I got sent by Born Pretty Store!



For the background, I started out by applying two layers of Love Is In The Air (Essence). Then I put drops of other colours onto each nail, and pulled them outwards with a dotting tool to create the ‘beach’ look. A better explanation is in the video, of course 😉

Then I added the shells. They’re so brightly coloured, they almost glow! I absolutely love bright colours, so I put a different one onto the centre of each nail. The more colours, the better!

They’re very easy to apply. Just glue them on with top coat, and it’s done! I also applied top coat to finish off the manicure, and the colours of the shells don’t bleed at all.


I really like how bright and happy the shells make this manicure look! And I think shells are the perfect nail accessory for summer. They remind me of beaches, parties, drinks, fun! These particular ones are very nicely detailed, so I’ll definitely enjoy wearing them 🙂

If you want to try these fluorescent shells too, they can be found here. And, of course, the coupon code FT10K31 can be used to get 10% off at any order from Born Pretty Store!


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