NOTD: Green and glitter


Just a simple NOTD today 🙂

I felt like doing something with glitters and a pastel colour. So I grabbed a little jar of glitter that I got from Born Pretty Store quite a while ago, and then went to look for a nail polish that suited with it…


The glitters are either clear, pink or pale green, depending on the light. So it was either one of those colours. I chose to use Pistache by Sinful Colors, because it’s such a nice soft shade.

I added the glitter onto one single nail in the easiest way I could think of; apply top coat, use a finger to dab the glitter on there, and then wipe the excess glitter back into the jar from the table. I really like how fun and random that makes it look! Okay, and I’m too lazy to put so many glitters on my nail one by one 😛


As an afterthought, I then applied a layer of Crystal Beading by Sally Hansen onto my other nails. It has the same colour shifts as the glitter does, so it fits perfectly with it! Lastly, I applied a layer of top coat onto all of my nails.


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