Nail art/review: Red ice cream cone nail polish (from Born Pretty Store)


Today, I’ve got a nail polish review for you!

For a few years, I’ve seen these adorable ice cream cone shaped nail polishes on the internet. And now I found out that Born Pretty Store has them too! A whole bunch of them, actually, which can be found here 🙂

Out of all the available colours, I chose the red one (number 16). Simply because I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many red nail polishes, and I was still looking for a nice bright red one. Below, you can see me using this nail polish in a video!


It’s such a stunning colour! I was honestly impressed with it, it’s so very bright and it also covers almost perfectly in one layer. I did use two layers, though. I feel like my nails are better protected with more nail polish on top of them 😉


Apart from the colour, I think the bottle is absolutely awesome! It’s really shaped like an ice cream cone (although I do wonder what taste bright red ice cream would be), and it reminds me of summer and nice weather. And it’s a 12ml bottle, which is quite a lot of nail polish. I really like it!

All in all, the only downside I can find about this nail polish, is that it has a rather strong scent. However, the scent is gone as soon as you’re done applying the product. And I don’t expect nail polish to smell nice anyway, so I don’t mind it.


In conclusion; I really like this nail polish! The bottle is pretty much the cutest nail polish bottle that I’ve ever seen, and the quality of the nail polish looks very good as well. The colour is a true vibrant shade of red, and nicely opaque.

If you’d like to try this nail polish, it can be bought at Born Pretty Store here (along with many other colours). And the coupon code FT10K31 can be used to get 10% off at any order there 🙂


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