Nail art/review: Soft galaxy look (using Born Pretty Store 3D nail decorations!)


It’s time for another review! One of the items that Born Pretty Store has sent me this time, are some very beautiful 3D nail art decorations in different shapes. They’re hard to describe, but you can see them in the video and photos 😉

When I saw them, I instantly thought they would be perfect for a galaxy nail art. And also a beach nail art, and many other themes, but I happen to love galaxy themes the most. So that’s why I chose them, and of course I tried them out with a galaxy nail art 🙂


The nail polishes that I used are Wonderfuel by Essence as a base colour, and the galaxy itself was sponged on using a nameless white (Max), a nameless lavender (Kiko), Free Hugs (Essence) and a nameless turquoise (Miss Sporty). Lots of nameless nail polishes this time…



Then on to the 3d items! I chose to use both some of the stars and some of the dots, and only placed them on two of the nails. There’s also ovals and squares, and there’s more than enough of each shape to make some fun nail arts!

They’re basically like rhinestones; very easy to stick onto the nails using a little bit of top coat. Once on, they stay in place very well. They’re slightly thicker at the edges than normal rhinestones are, yet small enough to not get very easily caught behind anything.

What I love about them he most, however, is their colour. They’re white, but when hit by light it’s like they have a sort of pastel rainbow in them, very pretty!


If you’d like to try these nail art decorations as well, they can be purchased at Born Pretty Store here. And the code FT10K31 can be used to get 10% off at any order with them 🙂


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