Nail art/review: Golden feathers (using Born Pretty Store feather stickers!)


Here’s another review of a nail art product from Born Pretty Store!

This time it’s about some really pretty nail art stickers. They’re gold and white feathers, and I think they look very classy!


A purple background seemed like a good idea for this nail art, because I happen to like the combination of gold and purple. So I started out with two layers of Break Through, by Essence.

To make the background a bit more interesting, I also did a French tip in gold, using My Fortune Cookie by Essence.



The stickers look very nice, I really like how detailed they are! Also, I like how there are different designs on the sheet, so all nails can look slightly different.

I always use tweezers to apply nail art stickers, but you could also just use your fingers. These stickers are easy to work with, which is something that’s not always the case with stickers. Sometimes, nail art stickers can have a tendency to look uneven or folded. However, that’s not the case at all with these Born Pretty Store Stickers!

They instantly stick to my nails, and can be flattened onto the nail surface by using a finger. And they end up completely flat on the nail, no bumps or bubbles!


All in all, I definitely like these stickers! The design is nicely detailed, there’s multiply varieties on the sheet and they’re easy to apply. And, most importantly, I think they look very stunning and classy on the nails!

If you’re interested in these nail art stickers, they can be found here at Born Pretty Store (and there are also two versions that feature flowers instead of feathers). I also have a coupon code which can be used to get 10% off at an order with them, which is FT10K31 🙂


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