NOTD: Fancy Dotty NYC nail polishes


Finally I got to try the two NYC nail polishes that I bought about a month ago! Basically, other nail polishes/items to review had more priority, so they just stood there gathering dust… But now I’m finally wearing them!


I hadn’t bought any NYC nail polishes in quite some time (I do like them, but Essence is cheaper and just as good). And apparently they’ve changed their brushes! They used to have those thin brushes, but now they have wider ones. Which I really like, because I find them much quicker to work with.

The colours are from the Fancy Dotty collection (which I’m not sure of whether or not they still have it available), and are called Park Slope Fairy (the pink one) and Nolita’s Lolita (the blue one).



For all these photos, I applied three layers of the nail polishes, plus a base and top coat. They are actually wearable in two layers, but they do have some more see-through parts then. With three layers, they’re fully opaque.

Due to that slight sheerness, they have a very cool 3D effect. As in, you can see the black ‘glitters’ in the lower layers coming through slightly. It sort of reminds me of bird eggs, which would make these nail polishes perfect for springtime.


Despite that, I think they’re also perfect for the other seasons. The black dots make it nice for autumn, and the pastel colours of the nail polishes themselves would be very suitable for summer. And they’ll probably fit with some nice winter sweaters as well 😉

Honestly, I barely ever use nail polishes with glitters in them, simply because they take a little bit more time to remove (and I’m lazy). But I really enjoy wearing them. No need to put on stickers or rhinestones, they look interesting all by themselves!


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