Nail art/review: Glittery leopard spots (using Born Pretty Store glitter powder!)


It’s been a while since I last posted a review, but I received some really cool items from Born Pretty Store which I want to show you! So that means there’ll be an extra post on this week and the two next weeks 😉

This week, I’ll show you a beautiful glitter powder, which can be found here.



What first attracted me to this glitter, is the colour of it. A nice warm brown with some green in it. Very pretty for autumn looks, but also warm enough to be perfect for winter! Also, I’d never seen a glitter in this particular shade, and I love trying out new things 😉

The packaging is simple and works well, by the way. A small jar, which I think is a good way to store glitter.


Seeing as I needed my nails to match my outfit the day after filming this review, I did a leopard print look. A glittery one! And I also did some nails fully in glitter, because there’s no such thing as too much glitter 😛 I really like glitter, can you tell?

This glitter feels more like really tiny sand particles, rather than normal flat glitter. It gives a very cool 3D effect on the nails. Do keep in mind that working with loose glitter is never a tidy job, so cleaning your workplace afterwards might be necessary.

To really complete the review, I also applied top coat to one nail fully covered in glitter, just to see what results that would have. It makes it slightly darker, but the glitter does stay in place even when carefully moving a brush over it!


All in all, I really like this glitter. The colour is one I don’t see very often, and it’s beautiful for autumn and winter. Also, it’s as easy to work with as can be expected of loose glitter. It’s also a plus that it comes in a good sized container, so it’ll last for a long time!

These glitters can be found here at Born Pretty Store. And if you’d like to order something, you can get 10% off by using the code FT10K31


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