Nail art: Reindeer -Christmas/holidays 2015-


Reindeer! Such a fun thing to paint on the nails during the holiday season 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of manicures with them facing forward, but I prefer to paint animals from the side (don’t know why), so here’s a tutorial on how I did my nails this week!


Tools used:

-Striper brush
-Dotting tool
-Red rhinestones

Nail polishes used:

-Essence Hardening nail base
-Sinful Colors – Cinderella
-Sinful Colors – Vacation Time
-Essence – Grey-t To Be Here
-Max – White
-P2 – Artful
-Ice cream cone red (unknown brand)
-Playboy – Anastasia
-Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat



  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply two layers of pale blue
  3. Paint on the basic shape of the reindeer head using a brush/dotting tool (I used a striping brush) and brown nail polish
  4. Add the antlers using grey nail polish, and some eyes and a scarf using white, red and green
  5. Add an outline in black, and some pupils in the eyes
  6. Use a dotting tool to make some random dots in red and green, to fill up the empty nails
  7. Apply a red rhinestone on the nose of each reindeer to turn them into Rudolph
  8. Finish it off with top coat


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