Nail art: Tape nails in texture


Not a very catchy title, but I couldn’t think of anything better 😉 It is what it is; negative spaces nail art with textured nail polish!


Tools used:

-Nail art tape
-Scotch tape
-Scissors (for the tape)
-Tweezers (for the tape)
-Black rhinestones
-Very small dotting tool (for the rhinestones)

Nail polishes used:

-Essence Hardening nail base
-Essence Sparkle Sand – Hey Nude!
-Essence Sparkle Sand – Here’s My Number


  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply two layers of a nude texture polish
  3. Wait for it to dry completely, then apply the tape in the pattern you want
  4. Apply one or two layers of a dark texture nail polish (depending on opacity of the nail polish, then remove the tape
  5. Apply a black rhinestone on the nude parts of the nails


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