Nail art review: Holographic nail wraps (from Born Pretty Store)


It’s been some time since the last one, but today I’ve got another nail art review for you! Born Pretty Store was kind enough to sent me some cool nail art items, and I can’t wait to try them out 🙂



These holographic nail art wraps caught my attention because they seem like the easiest way to get a nice manicure without having to spend time on it. Perfect for a party right after work, if there’s no time to apply layers of nail polish (and then let it dry properly). These obviously don’t have to dry, which is really handy in such a case.

I also very much like the design, I love the holographic effect!


Honestly, these wraps weren’t the easiest ones to apply. They’re definitely not bad, but I do feel Born Pretty Store has better ones than these. The Starry Night ones, for example, I did find easier to work with. That being said, they’re not actually difficult to apply, and they went onto my nails mostly smoothly once I got the hang of it.

Also, unlike I said in the video, DON’T take of the thin plastic layer on top! It’s actually supposed to protect the nail wrap’s design. I didn’t take it off on my right hand, and it lasted way longer than my left… Oops 😛

I also noticed it’s not a good idea to apply top coat onto these (they don’t deal well with that). But top coat isn’t actually needed to have them last nicely for a few days, so that’s no problem.


All in all, I like these nail wraps! I think the design is beautiful, and they’re definitely a cheap (they’re only $1.50 right now) and easy way to have a fancy manicure!

Also, I still have a coupon code that gives 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store, which is: FT10K31
If you want to try these specific nail wraps, they can be found here (these are the second version) 🙂


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