Nail art review: Grid pattern nail art stickers (from Born Pretty Store)


Time for another review! This week, I’m going to show you some grid pattern nail art stickers from Born Pretty Store 🙂


These really aren’t the style I usually wear on my nails, which is exactly why I wanted to try them. That, and their bright colours 😉 I also like how there’s just a big square of sticker, so it’s easy to cut them into any shape desired.



All I can say is; I really like these stickers! They turn out to be easy to use, and take well to top coat. Also, they managed to last nicely on my nails for a few days. And due to the fact they can be cut into whatever shape, one sheet of them can be used for multiple manicures!

Another thing I like, is how opaque the coloured parts are. I used a black nail polish underneath the stickers, yet the colours remain bright and vibrant.

I think the overall effect is very nice, it looks like a complicated mani but only took a few minutes and barely any effort. Next time, I might just use one of the four designs and do a mani themed around that. For this review, of course, I wanted to try all of them 😉


If you want to try these stickers as well, they can be found here. Also, I have a coupon code which can be used to get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store 🙂


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