Nail art: Rainbow dots


Glitter and rainbows are two things I really like, so this week I decided to put them on my nails!


Tools used:

-Nail vinyls

Nail polished used:

-Catrice First air nail repair
-Catrice Nail whitener
-Essence – Break Through
-Max Factor – Candy Blue
-NYC – High Line Green
-Essence – Love Is In The Air
-Essence – Flashy Pumpkin
-Max Factor – Red Carpet Glam
-Essence glitter polish


  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply a layer of nail whitener (or a pale shade of nail polish)
  3. Once the base is completely dry, stick on the nail art vinyl (or stickers).
  4. Apply a few or all shades of the rainbow on a sponge and sponge it over the nail art vinyl. Wait for it to dry enough to be tacky but no longer runny, then remove the nail art vinyl.
  5. Put a small stud over some of the rainbow circles
  6. Apply a clear based glitter nail polish


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