Nail art review: Night sky (with Born Pretty Store moon charms)


This week’s review is of some very pretty moon charms, which I received from Born Pretty Store!


I love the view of the moon and night sky, so it’s something I also enjoy having on my nails. Which is why I chose these nail charms, as they look perfect for a night sky nail art 🙂 There’s five in one package, so you could do a hand full of skies. But I chose to do two accent nails featuring these charms.

As you might have been able to see in the video, the charms are slightly bended to fit nicely onto the nail. That’s something I really like, as it definitely improves the final look of the manicure!


One one of the accent nails I used nail polish and on the other I used acrylic paints (yes, I finally want to get back to doing nail arts with those more often 😉 ). The charms look beautiful on both background materials. I think they look more modern on the ‘clean’ nail polish background, while they seem more fantasy-like on the acrylic paint background.


So, in conclusion, I think these moon charms are awesome! They’re perfect for making a nail art art more special, and they definitely make me feel like doing something creative on my nails 🙂

If you’d like to try these as well, they can be ordered here. And I also have a coupon code for 10% off an order at Born Pretty Store, which is FT10K31 🙂



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