Nail art review: Feathered early spring look (with Born Pretty Store decals)


Yes, I know it’s not really spring yet (in terms of the weather at where I live, it’s pretty much been autumn since, like, last October 😛 ). Still these feather decals that I received from Born Pretty Store just look so perfect for a springtime look, that I just decided to go for it!


Water decals are very easy to use. Just cut the one you want to use off the rest of the sheet, take off the plastic that’s protecting it, then soak it into water. After a few moments, the image will come loose from the paper, and then it can be grabbed with tweezers and carefully placed onto the nail. Let it dry a little so it’ll stick there, then apply some top coat to make sure it stays on.



The same, of course, goes for these particular ones, which makes them a quick and simple way to get a fun nail art. For the background, it’s all up to personal preference. I think these would look great against most nail polish colours (especially pastel shades), but I chose to go full spring with a nail polish (Nolita’s Lolita by NYC) that sort of looks like wild bird eggs!

One thing to keep in mind is that these water decals are a bit sheer, so I do advice having  a solid colour right behind them. So I sponged some white nail polish on the tips of my nails, to get that solid colour.


I really like how this mani turned out! The water decals are very pretty and detailed, and definitely give off a good spring/summer vibe. I’ll surely use them again in a few months, when the weather gets better 😉

If you’d like to give these a try, they can be ordered here. And I have a coupon code to get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store, which is: FT10K31 🙂


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