Review: Gold nail ornaments (from Born Pretty Store)


I received some very cool nail art items from Born Pretty Store again, one of which are these oval nail ornaments! They look almost antique, don’t they? In the video below, you can see them being used 🙂



These nail decorations come in a package of five. So you could do a full hand with them, but I prefer to only use them on one accent nail. Sort of like a ring, but attached to the nail 😉 They’re re-usable, of course, so many manis can be made with these.


As usual, I really love how detailed these type of nail decorations are. The little rhinestones on the top and bottom are very shiny, and I like the large pearl in the centre as well. They’re available in both gold and silver, which is very nice!

Another plus is how they’re shaped. The back isn’t flat, but somewhat rounded instead. It lays nicely on the nail, so it can be glued on there with nail polish really well. These won’t fall off very easily.


In conclusion, I very much like these nail ornaments! Both their looks and their quality are good, and they’re re-usable (which is something I always like). They’ll make any manicure look fancy!

These nail art art decorations can be found here. I also have a code that’ll give 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store, which is FT10K31 🙂


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