Nail art review: Flower water decals (from Born Pretty Store)


Another review! This time, I’ll show you some cute flower stickers that I got sent by Born Pretty Store 🙂



There’s two types of flowers on the sheet; purple ones with tiny leafs and pink ones that look like some sort of roses. I’m obviously in no way a flower expert, so I have no idea what type of flowers they are 😉 But I do think they’re very cute!

With the amount of flowers on the sheet, this could definitely be used for a lot of manicures! Today, I chose to put a flower onto each nail to show the different variations the best I can. But a full flower field could easily be made as well. Or a fancy accent nail and plain nail polish on the other nails. Enough ideas, so I’ll surely use these more often!


As with all stickers, these are simple to use. Cut one from the rest of the sheet, carefully use tweezers to get the sticker from the paper (be careful not to accidentally tear up the sticker!) and put it onto the nail instead. Apply top coat and it’s done!

I find stickers ideal for when I want a pretty manicure, but don’t have time to actually do a nail art myself. A fancy look with little effort 😉


In conclusion, I like these stickers. The quality is, as usual, good. They’re very thin, which makes them a bit more vulnerable, but also makes them lay nicely flat onto the nail. And the design of the flowers is cute and perfect for spring and summer!

These flower stickers can be found here. And I have a coupon code which can be used to get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store, which is FT10K31 🙂


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