Nail art review: Palm tree decals (from Born Pretty Store)


Another review of a Born Pretty Store item this Tuesday! And this time, it’s water decals. I happen to love using those, and this specific sheet looks perfect for the upcoming summer!

What I love about water decals is how easy they are to use… So to really show that well, I decided to try these on my right (dominant) hand 🙂


As you can see, these decals aren’t separate things. Instead, it’s one big sheet which you can cut shapes out yourself. Which gives a lot of options! To really show the image on it, I did one full accent nail.

I think, depending on how they’re cut and for what nail length, multiple manis can  be done with this sheet. Personally, I prefer to do accent nails with patterns like these. And that way, it’s easy to have it last for a lot of manicures!


So, to recap the video: I drew the shape of my ring finger nail on the back of the sheet, cut that, pulled off the protecting plastic, placed it in water, then put it on my nail. Then all there’s left to do is to dab it dry, carefully file off the excess decal at the tip of the nail and apply top coat. Super easy, but the end result looks like a detailed nail art!


In conclusion, I really like these decals! It was actually the first time I used a full sheet of them to cut a shape from, rather than the ones with separate items on them. And I’m definitely going to do that more often, it really gave me a lot of cool nail art ideas to be able to choose the shape of the decal myself.

These palm tree water decals can be found here, in case you’d like to try them. And with the code FT10K31 you can get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store 🙂


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