Nail review: Born Pretty Store gel nail polish


Another review! This week, I’m trying this green gel nail polish, which I got from Born Pretty Store 🙂


As you can see above, the nail polish comes in a non-see-through white and black bottle. It’s gel nail polish, so it dries in UV light (which also means sunlight wouldn’t be good for it while it’s still in the bottle). This one can also be cured in LED light, though, which is what I used.

The nail polish itself is a very nice shade of pastel green, definitely a good shade for spring and summer!


In three layers, the nail polish is nicely opaque. It dries within 30 seconds under LED light, and has a shiny finish. I did also use a primer and a topcoat, to enjoy the mani as long as possible 🙂

The video shows exactly how to use gel nail polish, but what I did in short is: primer – gel nail polish – gel top coat -wiping off with alcohol. Very easy, and also really quick to do! The nails are instantly hardened when done, so there’s no need to be extremely careful for an hour 😉

In conclusion, I like this gel nail polish! It does its job well, while being significantly more affordable ($5.26) than most gel polishes. So I definitely recommend this product 🙂

This gel polish can be found here. And I also have a coupon code that’ll give 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store, which is FT10K31


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