Nail art review: Feather decals (from Born Pretty Store)


Another review today! This time, I’ll be showing you some feather shaped water decals that I received from Born Pretty Store. I actually already showed these in a different colour before, so I was excited to do a different look with these ones!



There’s a lot of feathers on a single sheet! So a lot of manicures can definitely be done with this, which is always a good thing 🙂 I also like how many different ones there are. And how detailed they are, they look very nice!

Water decals are very easy to use, as you can also see in the video above 😉 These can easily  create an interesting mani that looks complicated, but really only took minutes!


I decided to go for French tips with the feathers on top of them as eye-catchers. My middle finger nail broke a few times, so I just did glitter on that one to not have the length difference be too obvious 😛 Either way, I really like how the feathers make this mani look, it’s instantly more interesting!


In conclusion, I still very much like these water decals. Their quality is good and their looks are as well. They are somewhat see-through, so I do recommend using them over a pale or nude nail polish. I think they look great on top of nude nails!

These feather decals can be found here. Also, I still have the coupon code FT10K31 which can be used to get 10% off at an order at Born Pretty Store 🙂


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