Nail art: Tye Dye glitter nails


I have no idea what to actually call this nail art, so I’m just naming it exactly what it looks like to me 😛 I wanted to try using liquid nail art tape as striping tape, and then added some glitter because I felt like it!


Tools/items used:

-Flat brush
-Beautyill Liquid nail art tape

Nail polishes used:

-Essence Hardening Nail base
-CK – French tip
-Rituals Nail gloss
-China Glaze – Reggae to Riches
-China Glaze – Sexy in the City
-Miss Sporty top coat
-Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat

in video

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply two layers of white
  3. Add a thin top coat and wait for it to dry fully
  4. Apply liquid nail art tape around the nail and in whatever pattern you want on the nail itself
  5. Sponge sheer blue and burgundy on the nails in however layers you think you’ll need
  6. While the nail polish is still wet, pull of all liquid nail art tape
  7. With top coat or clear nail polish as glue, add the loose glitters one by one on the remaining white surface
  8. Finish it off with top coat


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