Nail art: The Swineherd (fairytale series)


One of my favourite fairytales is The Swineherd, because it’s not the average ‘and they lived happily ever after’ sort of story. Instead of trying to win the princess over with expensive gifts, the prince actually sends her rare and thoughtful gifts. And she rejects him because of it. So he goes to her fathers castle and proves she’s a shallow brat by letting her kiss him (disguised as a swineherd) in return for some easily made gadgets.

Of course, they both get kicked out by her father when he sees her kissing him. Once kicked out, the prince reveals to her who he truly is, and then proceeds to leave her and goes home.

So yeah, I always thought that was pretty interesting for a fairytale 😛


Tools/items used:

-Detail brush
-Acrylic paint

Nail polishes used:

-Gelaze – Innocence
-Essence Hardening nail base
-Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine
-Sinful Colors – Pistache
-China Glaze – Fairy Dust
-Essence Better than Gel Nails top coat


  1. Apply a base coat (if using gel nail polish as a base, buff it slightly)
  2. Add one coat of a deep green nail polish on the accent nails
  3. Put one coat of a holo glitter topcoat on the other nails
  4. Sponge some random pale green patches onto the accent nails
  5. Paint some details from the fairytale on the accent nails, using a detail brush and acrylic paint. I did a rose on my index finger, the prince holding the rose on my middle finger and a nightingale on my ring finger
  6. Finish the accent nails off with some top coat


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