Nail art: Black Magic (Halloween 2016)


It’s the month of Halloween! Yes, the entire month. One night just isn’t enough for me 😛 Which means I’ll be doing a Halloween themed nail art each week, for the rest of October! Also, I’ll be doing Halloween makeup and DIY tutorials on my Youtube channel (which you can find by clicking the ‘watch on youtube’ button in the video below 😉 ).

Anyhow, I’ve also been doing something different with my nails for the past couple of weeks (months?)… I’ve been using gel polish as a base. Sort of like natural/fake hybrid nails? Once I’m sure what products I prefer for this technique, I’ll do a video about it 🙂 For now, it means that my right hand nails are finally in a state to be used for nail art!

So, from now onwards, I’ll be doing a more challenging nail art on my left hand for one week, and an easy on on my right hand for the next week. This particular week, it was my right hand’s turn to look fancy, and I did a Black Magic nail art on it!


Tools/items I used:

-Striper brush
-Nail art glue
-Marbling tool

Nail polishes I used:

-Gelaze (gel polish)
-Essence Hardening Nail base
-Playboy – Elena
-China Glaze – Liquid Leather
-Kiko (nameless lavender)
-Essence – Only Purple Matters
-Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat


  1. Apply base coat (if using gel polish underneath; buff that first)
  2. Apply a thick coat of a grey nail polish (two, if needed for full coverage)
  3. Paint some thick black stripes using a striper brush and black nail polish
  4. Then paint some thin lavender stripes
  5. Add some purple glittery stripes over the lavender
  6. Using nail glue (or top coat) add some random rhinestones
  7. Finish it off with top coat


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