Nail art: The reaper (Halloween 2016)


It’s the second week of the Halloween month, and this time I have a more challenging tutorial for you!

For some reason, I love reapers! I’ve got statues, a necklace and even an earring (which I can’t wear, because it presses against my helix piercing, but still). I just think they look really dark and awesome. Ages ago (in 2014) I already did a reaper look:

So, I really wanted to re-do that look! Change it up to how I do my nails nowadays 🙂 I did, just as last time, have the song ‘Don’t fear the reaper’ by Blue Oyster Cult stuck in my head while doing these nails 😛


Tools/items used:

-Acrylic paint
-Detail brush
-Mini fan brush

Nail polishes used:

-Gelaze – Innocence (gel)
-Grey two-step acrylic
-Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat


  1. Apply a base (I used gel polish and acrylic to get a pale grey base, but regular base coat and pale grey nail polish works just as well)
  2. Using black and white acrylic paint and a detail brush, paint some reaper images on the middle nails. I did a headshot, the full moon in a cloudy sky and a scythe
  3. On the other nails, use the same paint and a fan brush to get a weird texture
  4. Wait until all the paint is completely dry, then finish it off with top coat


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