Nail art: Haunted landscape (Halloween 2016)


It’s already the last week of the Halloween month… On the bright side, we’ll have December soon! More nail art ideas to try out 😉

For this week, I wanted to do something bright and fun, but typically Halloween. So I decided to do a sort-of haunted landscape! With a bright yellow/orange background, to really make it pop 🙂


Tools/items I used:

-Liquid nail art tape

Nail polishes I used:

-Essence – Flashy Pumpkin
-Essence – Redvolution
-NYC – Lexington Yellow
-Rituals – Nail Gloss
-Trend It Up – 200
-Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat


  1. Apply a base coat or buff the surface of the gel/acrylic if that’s what you’re using
  2. Apply a coat of a bright orange nail polish
  3. Use some liquid nail art tape to protect the skin, then sponge on a gradient of red, orange and yellow nail polish
  4. Add a coat of thin top coat to get a smooth surface for painting
  5. Paint the landscape using dark purple nail polish and a detail brush (bats, castles, gravestones, whatever reminds you of Halloween)
  6. Finish it off with top coat


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