How I do acrylic stilettos (beginner!)


Today’s tutorial is different from usual; this week I’ll show you how I do my acrylic nails!

A few months back, I decided to switch to false nails due to work always destroying my natural nails… It simply was more of a source of frustration than of enjoyment to have my natural nails be long. With acrylic, there’s no breaking! And if I (almost) tear one off, I can just build a new one in minutes 😉


Products I used:
-Zenner glass nail file
-Cuticle pusher (Born Pretty Store)
-Buffing block (Born Pretty Store)
-Desinfecting alcohol 70% and cotton pad (Kruidvat)
-Acrylic primer (Born Pretty Store)
-Naio Nails Max Adhesion acrylic monomer
-Naio Nails Acrylic Polymer ‘Clear’
-Electric nail file (
-Double sided nail file (Kruidvat)
-Acetone (Kruidvat)
-Essence – Love Is In The Air


  1. File and gently buff the natural nails
  2. Remove any oils with rubbing alcohol
  3. Apply two layers of a primer
  4. Put on the nail form and apply the acrylic
  5. Once the acrylic is fully dry, carefully remove the nail form
  6. File the acrylic nail with an e-file/handfile (or both)
  7. Rub the acrylic nail with some acetone
  8. Finish it off with either normal or gel nail polish


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