Nails: Doing an acrylic refill💅🏻 (on my dominant hand!)


It was time for a refill on my nails, and I thought it might be fun to film it for you 🙂


Products I used:
– Mega Beauty Shop E-file
-Peggy Sage nail file ‘#240’
-Naio Nails UK Dehydrator
-Naio Nails UK Acid-Free primer
-Naio Nails UK acrylic monomer ‘Max Adhesion’
-Naio Nails UK acrylic powder ‘Clear’
-Naio Nails UK Kolinsky acrylic brush ‘10’
-Naio Nails UK Zebra Boomerang file ‘#180’
-A-England ‘Spirit of the Moors’
-Catrice Gel Like top coat
-Yves Rocher Monoi oil (as cuticle oil)

Credits music:
“Rainbows” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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