Acrylic by an AMATEUR | Updated routine | THIS IS HARD

Finally an update on my acrylic nail routine 🙂

Nothing in this video is sponsored, unless I note otherwise.

 Products I used:
-Mega Beauty Shop NL E-File
-E-file bits (Ebay)
-Dust mask (Ebay)
-Nail clippers (Kruidvat?)
-Cuticle pusher (Born Pretty Store)
-Naio Nails UK 180# nail file
-Essence Cuticle Remover
-Naio Nails UK Buffing block
-Naio Nails UK Dehydrator
-Naio Nails UK Acid Free Primer
-Naio Nails UK Acrylic brush Oval ‘10’
-Naio Nails UK Acrylic powder ‘Clear’
-Naio Nails UK Acrylic powder ‘Soft Beige’
-Naio Nails UK Acrylic powder ‘Indi-Go Girl’
-Naio Nails UK Monomer ‘Max Adhesion’
-Naio Nails UK Mega Gloss Gel Sealer
-China Glaze Gelaze ‘Splish Splash’
-Snowy White Power LED light
-Yves Rocher Monoi oil

Credits music:
“Fretless” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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