Nail art: Pink flowers (one-stroke technique)


The weather was beautiful when I was filming this, so I decided to go for a colourful spring look with flowers πŸ™‚


Tools/items I used:
-Liquid nail art tape (BeautyIll)
-Acrylic paint
-Flat nail art brush
-Rhinestone picker

Nail polishes I used:
-Essence – Love Is In The Air
-Sinful Colors – Pistache
-Catrice Gel Like top coat



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Nail art: Rock Muse (inspired by nail polish)


This time, a nail polish inspired the nail art. Though admittedly, said nail polish only ended up being used on one single nail πŸ˜›


Tools/items I used:
-Loose glitter
-Born Pretty Store gel top coat and holo powder
-Caviar beads

Nail polishes I used:
-NYC Rock Muse smokey top coat
-Claire’s glitter nail polish (nameless)
-Catrice Gel Like top coat


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Nail art: Toy Soldier


Here’s another fairy tale nail art! This week, inspiration came from the fairy tale of the Toy Soldier πŸ™‚


Tools/items I used:
-Gold powder (Born Pretty Store)
-Acrylic paint
-Detail brush

Nail polishes I used:
-Born Pretty Store gel top coat
-Catrice Gel Like top coat



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Nail art: French tip with lace detail


I did a very easy look this time; French tips with lace and pink details πŸ™‚
Also, my ring finger nail was recovering from a little accident, so I didn’t put any acrylic on it this time πŸ˜‰

Tools/items I used:
-Lace stickers (Born Pretty Store)
-Striper brush (Ebay)
-Purple rhinestones (Ebay)
-Rhinestone picker (Born Pretty Store)

Nail polishes I used:
-Gelaze Innocence
-Sally Hansen – White tip
-Sally Hansen – Pink Sapphire
-Catrice Gel Like top coat


  1. Apply a semi-opaque nude colour
  2. Create the French tips using white nail polish
  3. Add the lace stickers to some of the nail beds
  4. Add some pink details using glittery pink nail polish and a striper brush
  5. Also add a few rhinestones, to complete the look
  6. Finish it off with top coat


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Nail art: Vintage music


This week’s nail art actually turned out way better than I expected it to! Which means I’m gonna keep it on my nails for as long as possible πŸ˜‰

It’s inspired by old sheet music, on yellowed and wrinkly paper. Unfortunately, because I know nothing about music, it’s not inspired by any particular piece of music πŸ˜› Just random notes.


Tools/items I used:

-Acrylic paint
-Detail brush

Nail polishes used:

-Max Factor – Soft Toffee
-Catrice Gel Like top coat


  1. Apply an opaque nude nail polish
  2. Create an old-paper-like background using white and dirty yellow acrylic paint
  3. Using more acrylic paint, create the sheet music
  4. Also paint some decorations around it
  5. Finish it off with top coat


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How I do acrylic stilettos (beginner!)


Today’s tutorial is different from usual; this week I’ll show you how I do my acrylic nails!

A few months back, I decided to switch to false nails due to work always destroying my natural nails… It simply was more of a source of frustration than of enjoyment to have my natural nails be long. With acrylic, there’s no breaking! And if I (almost) tear one off, I can just build a new one in minutes πŸ˜‰


Products I used:
-Zenner glass nail file
-Cuticle pusher (Born Pretty Store)
-Buffing block (Born Pretty Store)
-Desinfecting alcohol 70% and cotton pad (Kruidvat)
-Acrylic primer (Born Pretty Store)
-Naio Nails Max Adhesion acrylic monomer
-Naio Nails Acrylic Polymer β€˜Clear’
-Electric nail file (
-Double sided nail file (Kruidvat)
-Acetone (Kruidvat)
-Essence – Love Is In The Air


  1. File and gently buff the natural nails
  2. Remove any oils with rubbing alcohol
  3. Apply two layers of a primer
  4. Put on the nail form and apply the acrylic
  5. Once the acrylic is fully dry, carefully remove the nail form
  6. File the acrylic nail with an e-file/handfile (or both)
  7. Rub the acrylic nail with some acetone
  8. Finish it off with either normal or gel nail polish


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Nail art: The Chinese Nightingale


Another fairytale! This week, I painted some things from the fairytale of the Chinese nightingale on my nails πŸ™‚


Tools/items I used:

-Acrylic paint
-Mini fan brush
-Detail brush

Nail polishes I used:

-Essence – Love Is In The Air
-Catrice – More Than Matte top coat


  1. Apply a pale yellow nail polish
  2. Using a fan brush and green acrylic paint, apply a stripy texture to the nails
  3. With acrylic paint and a detail brush, paint some images from the fairytale on the three centre nails. I did the emperor holding the bird, a golden cage with the door open and the nightingale from up-close
  4. On the two remaining nails, paint some music notes
  5. Finish it off with top coat


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